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How to Use Birchcraft Studios Custom Envelope Addressing

Action Invitations clients ordering invitations from our Birchcraft Studios social invitation line can purchase an optional service to address your inner and/or outer envelopes.
This service is called Birchcraft Studios Custom Addressing. Here's how it works:

  1. First, you download a Microsoft Excel address template.
  2. Then, carefully enter information, including all of your addressees, into the template.
  3. When you're done, then email the completed template to us at info@action-invitations.com.
  4. We will coordinate with Birchcraft so that they can address your envelopes as you specified.

Some important items to note:

  • Do not reformat the spreadsheet.
  • Double-check your work. Birchcraft will print exactly as you indicate; they will not check the spelling of locations, or verify zip codes.
  • Be timely. Birchcraft will NOT print your order until they receive the spreadsheet.
  • Understand addressing etiquette. There are complex social rules to addressing envelopes. Different rules appy to outer envelopes and inner envelopes.
    Birchcraft offers an Addressing etiquette PDF guide, and we also offer suggestions on our website in our FAQs.
  • Specify an ink color in cell B1 of the spreadsheet.
    • Note that there is a $6.90 cost for printing your envelopes in any color other than black.
    • If you fail to specify a color, Birchcraft will use the ink color used for your invitations (and you will be charged accordingly).
  • Ensure you specify a type style in cell B2 of the spreadsheet.
  • Be aware of pricing. Costs are clearly indicated on Birchcraft's addressing website.
  • As you enter addresses, be aware that columns A through F are for the outer envelope, and columns G, H, and I are for the inner envelope.
    If you are not printing inner envelopes, make sure columns G through I are blank.
  • Although Birchcraft calls this spreadsheet a wedding template, it is for all social invitations (as opposed to the template they have for holiday cards.)

If you have additional questions, feel free to email us.

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